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Firefly Bracelet

Firefly Bracelet

  • $20.00

Maybe you can’t have Wonder Woman’s bullet-deflecting gauntlets, but we can give you the next best thing: our stylish leather cuff bracelets. While they won’t stop bullets, they will show off your great sense of style.

Each bracelet is personally sized to you. We can make them up to 11 inches in length. When ordering, please specify the measurement of your wrist.

Every bracelet is handmade and hand-painted in order to create a one of a kind look for each one. We cut and dye the leather ourselves, which leaves that unique leather look on every piece.

We 3D-print the stamps that are used for each of our products, as the leather stamps required for our unique designs are not available any place else!

Want something to show your love of a fandom, and you don’t see it in our shop? Feel free to contact us. We are always willing to potentially make a design work for you.

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